Keysight Premium Used Equipment

Keysight Premium Used Equipment: Like new. For less. 100% Keysight quality.

What does Keysight Premium Used Equipment mean? Keysight Premium Used offers a vast selection of high-quality test equipment. Each unit is remanufactured to like-new specifications and appearance. Get 100% Keysight quality and performance for less money.
Keysight Premium Used Equipment
Get more for your money:

  • Save at least 20% compared to purchasing a new instrument
  • Add hardware and software options at the same saving
  • Enjoy standard accessories and a full calibration

Keysight refurbishment process

  • Inspect and rebuild instrument per your order
  • Update to latest firmware and soft- ware
  • Calibrate and verify safety perform- ance
  • Add original manuals and accessories
  • Conduct final 101‑point inspection

Like‑new warranty and support:

  • Same standard 3‑year warranty as new models, extendable to 5 years
  • Optional 3- or 5‑year calibration plan
  • Personal support from Keysight and authorized partners

Please follow this Link to download the PDF-file. For more detailed information, please get in touch with us by using our contact form or by calling: 044 308 66 66.

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