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VIA Embedded is a leading provider of x86 and ARM embedded technology solutions.

As an industry leader in Embedded computing, VIA Embedded is committed to helping worldwide partners build application focused, intelligent embedded devices to contribute to the smart ecosystem of an embedded world. VIA Embedded leverages its vast industry expertise, R&D capabilities, and software resources to offer customers complete end-to-end solutions and support to drive innovation.

Benefits provided by VIA Embedded are:

  • Power efficient x86 and ARM solutions and embedded system miniaturization 
  • Superior longevity and flexibility on key components
  • Complete solutions provider from the silicon, board, and system levels up to software integration
  • Excellent in-house R&D to support unique customer requirements and specific application customization 
  • Full range of OS support - Windows Embedded, Linux and Android

For more information, please get in touch with us by using our contact form below or by calling: 044 308 66 66

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