New 32-bit Wide 8Mb and 16Mb Fast SRAMs

AS7C325632-10BIN and AS7C351232-10BINThe News: To meet the demand for high-density fast CMOS SRAMs, Alliance Memory introduces new 8Mb and 16Mb x 32 devices in the 90-ball 8mm by 13mm TFBGA package.

Part Numbers: AS7C325632-10BIN and AS7C351232-10BIN

Key Specifications and Benefits:

• 8Mb and 16Mb densities available
• Fabricated using high-performance, high-reliability CMOS technology
• Configured as 256K x 32 and 512K x 32
• Offered in 90-ball 8mm by 13mm TFBGA package
• Access times of 10ns • Data retention voltages of 1.5V minimum
• Low power consumption:
   • Operating current of 125mA typical
   • Standby current of 4mA typical
• Operate from a single power supply of 3.3V
• Offer tri-state output
• RoHS-compliant and halogen-free components
• -40°C to +85°C temperature range

Target Applications:

• Test and medical equipment, automotive, and hand-held applications

The Context: The 8Mb AS7C325632-10BIN and 16Mb AS7C351232-10BIN are configured as 256K x 32 and 512K x 32, respectively. Offered in the 90-ball 8mm by 13mm TFBGA package, the devices provide space-saving alternatives to solutions in larger 119-ball packages. The ICs are the latest additions to Alliance Memory’s full range of fast SRAMs, which include devices with densities from 64K to 16M.

Availability: Samples and production quantities of the new fast SRAMs are available now, with lead times of eight weeks for production quantities.

Click to download the AS7C325632-10BIN and AS7C351232-10BIN datasheets or use the contact form to ask for your samples and offer.

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