New Maxim MAX20734 - fully integrated switching regulator

General Description

The MAX20734 is a fully integrated, highly efficient switch­ing regulator with PMBus™ for applications operating from 4.5V to 16V and requiring up to 40A (max) load. This single-chip regulator provides extremely compact, high-efficiency power-delivery solutions with high-precision output voltages and excellent transient response for networking, datacom, and telecom equipment.

The IC offers a broad range of programmable features through either the PMBus or a capacitor and resistor connected to a dedicated programming pin. Using this feature, the operation can be optimized for a specific application, reducing the component count and/or setting appropriate trade-offs between the regulator’s performance and system cost. Ease of programming enables using the same design for multiple applications.

The IC includes protection and telemetry features. Positive and negative cycle-by-cycle overcurrent protection and overtemperature protection ensure a rugged design. Input undervoltage lockout shuts down the device to prevent operation when the input voltage is out of specification. A status pin provides an output signal to show that the output voltage is within range and the system is regulating.


  • Communications Equipment
  • Networking Equipment
  • Servers and Storage Equipment
  • Point-of-Load Voltage Regulators
  • μP Chipsets
  • Memory VDDQ
  • I/O

Benefits and Features (Download the Datasheet.)

  • High Power Density and Low Component Count
    • Overall Solution Size 509mm2 Including Inductor and Output Capacitors
    • 90.7% Peak Efficiency with VDDH = 12V and VOUT = 1V
    • Fast Transient Response: Supports Up to 300A/μs Load-Step Transients
  • Optimized Component Performance and Efficiency with Reduced Design-In Time
    • PMBus-Compliant Interface for Telemetry and Power Management
    • Voltage, Current, and Temperature Reporting through the Digital Bus
  • Increased Power-Supply Reliability with System and IC Self-Protection Features
    • Differential Remote Sense with Open-Circuit Detection
    • Hiccup Overcurrent Protection
    • Programmable Thermal Shutdown

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