The new HIOKI CT6904 AC/DC Current Sensor

4MHz 500A AC/DC Current Sensor for Advanced Inverter and Power Electronics Applications

The new HIOKI CT6904 AC/DC Current SensorThe switching frequencies used in power conversion circuitry in the inverters and power conditioners of electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and other energy-efficient vehicles have been increasing as those devices move toward higher-efficiency, more compact designs. However, the performance of existing current sensors is insufficient for testing as those very devices now operate at increasingly high frequencies.

Leveraging over 30 years of expertise and competency in current sensing technologies, Hioki has developed the CT6904 to uniquely resolve these issues.

The new HIOKI CT6904 AC/DC Current Sensor delivers:
•    500 A (RMS) rated for large currents
•    4MHz bandwidth made possible with the newly developed opposed split coil technology
•    ±10 ppm linearity
•    ±0.02% rdg. world class accuracy
•    120 dB CMRR (Common-Mode Rejection Ratio) @ 100kHz for superior noise resistance

Pair with the Hioki Power Analyzer PW6001 to achieve maximum performance, especially with more challenging applications such as measuring reactor loss with high precision.

Would you like to test the new Hioki CT6904 AC/DC Current Sensor? Please use the contact form below to ask for your personal test unit and price details.

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