Transformers optimised for power integrations

Premier Magnetics Offers Transformers Optimized for Power Integrations' Latest TOPSwitch(TM) Line.

The transformer product line covers wide range of input voltage, output voltage and power; reference designs provided include recommended input common-mode filters and output power inductors.

PR NewswirePremier Magnetics is a global producer of high-quality magnetic components for switch-mode power supplies (SMPSs), dc-dc converters and data communications applications, announces its POL-HX Series of switch-mode transformers designed to complement Power Integrations' TOPSwitch-HX(TM) Family of EcoSmart, integrated off-line switcher ICs.

The Premier Magnetics POL-HX Series is currently available in 21 models - most accommodating a universal AC input range of 85 to 265 V ac. The series is available with a selection guide identifying each specific Power Integrations TOPSwitch IC part number along with a matching Premier Magnetics transformer. The selection guide also includes recommended input filter and output power inductors with links to the specific part details.

"The POL-HX Series is the latest of several generations and versions of switch-mode transformers designed specifically for the Power Integrations TOPSwitch line," said Jim Earley, president of Premier Magnetics. "We've also designed complete families of transformers, filters and inductors for their LinkSwitch(TM) and TinySwitch(TM) ICs. Our goal is to simplify switching power supply optimization by providing our customers with reference designs and recommended filters and power inductors to complete the task."


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