The new power supply for AMZ Racing

It's not always the car...

"It's not always the car that matters. Sometimes it's simply the right equipment (or the lack of it) that makes the difference between a successful test day and wasted time. Thus, we are very excited about our new power source, complete with its own rack! Therefore, a special thank you goes to Computer Controls AG for this special packet! This will make recharging the cars a lot more efficient!" AMZ Racing (Facebook post 14. April 2015)

AMZ Racing Team with Computer Controls Case with Keysight Power Supply

About the Keysight N8955A - Autoranging System DC Power Supply

  • DC output ratings: Voltage 0 to 750 V | Current 0 to 60 A | Power 15'000 W
  • AC input: Voltage range 340 - 440 VAC
  • Autoranging output – does the job of multiple power supplies!
  • Built-in voltage and current measurement
  • LAN (LXI Core), USB, GPIB, and analog interfaces all standard

For more detailed information, please contact us by calling 044 308 66 66 or by filling out the contact form below.

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