Electro Rent Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)


Quality Without the Cost

By Carefully managing the largest equipment fleet in the world, we can offer huge discounts on used equipment. We only select high-quality instruments from our own inventory and partners we know and trust so you can enjoy amazing value without compromising on quality.

Buy with Confidence

All our Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) equipment passes through our 23-step certification program to give you piece of mind with every purchase. Expert engineers check everything from firmware and software to calibration in our in-house labs, and with a one-year warranty and 14-day money back guarantee, you’re always covered.

Amazing Choice Delivered

Fast As the world's leading test and measurement equipment provider, we offer the widest choice available with the most extensive and comprehensive selection of used and Certified Pre-Owned equipment. Choose from thousands of instruments from best-in-class brands, ready to ship wherever you need them.

Quality Inspected

Significant Savings

Buyer Protections

Excellent Support

Fast Delivery

Combining Value, Choice and Speed


Great Value Equipment

Our Certified Pre-Owned equipment program ensures we offer the highest quality equipment at the best prices, so you know you will get real value from our used equipment.

  • Great savings on list price
  • 23-Step Certification quality check
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • One-year warranty
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  1. Keysight Technologies E5071C
    Keysight Technologies E5071C
    Special Price CHF 63.936,48 Regular Price CHF 109.238,55 Exkl. 7.7% MwSt.exkl. Versand
  2. Viavi ETB6000AT
    Viavi ETB6000AT
    Special Price CHF 1.994,50 Regular Price CHF 5.036,09 Exkl. 7.7% MwSt.exkl. Versand
  3. Rohde & Schwarz SMBV100A (1407.6004.02)
    Rohde & Schwarz SMBV100A (1407.6004.02)
    Special Price CHF 7.245,73 Regular Price CHF 23.451,40 Exkl. 7.7% MwSt.exkl. Versand
  4. Yokogawa DL850E
    Yokogawa DL850E
    Special Price CHF 11.636,39 Regular Price CHF 23.284,62 Exkl. 7.7% MwSt.exkl. Versand
  5. Keysight Technologies E3631A
    Keysight Technologies E3631A
    Special Price CHF 910,90 Regular Price CHF 1.518,82 Exkl. 7.7% MwSt.exkl. Versand
  6. Viavi C1010-V2
    Viavi C1010-V2
    Special Price CHF 9.334,97 Regular Price CHF 123.036,22 Exkl. 7.7% MwSt.exkl. Versand
  7. Viavi C1000
    Viavi C1000
    Special Price CHF 8.976,73 Regular Price CHF 41.942,71 Exkl. 7.7% MwSt.exkl. Versand
  8. EXFO FTB-5240S-P-XX
    EXFO FTB-5240S-P-XX
    Special Price CHF 4.688,70 Regular Price CHF 22.122,06 Exkl. 7.7% MwSt.exkl. Versand
  9. Fluke TI29
    Fluke TI29
    Special Price CHF 3.411,67 Regular Price CHF 5.686,44 Exkl. 7.7% MwSt.exkl. Versand
  10. Viavi MOLM-C1RM4A-M100-MFA
    Viavi MOLM-C1RM4A-M100-MFA
    Special Price CHF 21.269,39 Regular Price CHF 30.280,66 Exkl. 7.7% MwSt.exkl. Versand
  11. Viavi MOSX-C1116XCCB0-M100-MFA
    Viavi MOSX-C1116XCCB0-M100-MFA
    Special Price CHF 17.859,70 Regular Price CHF 25.378,79 Exkl. 7.7% MwSt.exkl. Versand
  12. EXFO FTB-5240S-P-XX
    EXFO FTB-5240S-P-XX
    Special Price CHF 7.316,23 Regular Price CHF 26.508,04 Exkl. 7.7% MwSt.exkl. Versand
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Artikel 1-12 von 989

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