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Power Supplies

Single Power Supply 0-18V/0-10A

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TTI - EX1810R

The EX-R series combines high frequency switch-mode pre-regulation with linear post-regulation to provide performance that comes close to that of an all-linear design. Excellent line and load regulation is matched by low noise and good transient response. From 175W to 420W Single, Dual and multi-range models are available with USB programmable single EX355P. The EX752M is a dual output 300 watt PSU with Multi-Mode capability up to 150V. Most EX-R series models use convection cooling and are entirely free of fan noise. EX2020R and EX4210R use an intelligent fan for cooling.

- Line & load regulation: <0.01%
- Output noise: < 2mV rms.
- Meter accuracies:
  - Voltage- 0.3% ± 3 digits
  - Current- 0.5% ± 3 digits
- Size: (WxHxD)
  - Single - 140 x 160 x 295mm
  - Dual/triple - 260 x 160 x 295mm

TTI EL-R series CControls
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KategoriePower Supplies
Markeaim TTi
Output TypeDC
Max. Voltage Ch. 1 [V]18
Max. Current Ch. 1 [A]10
Total Max. Power [W]180
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