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195W, 4-Channel, Programmable Linear D.C. Power Supply.

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GW Instek - GPD-4303S

The GPD-4303S Power Supply contains the superior technology and high quality which GW Instek had established through its long history of power supply design and manufacturing. It offers digital panel control, large display, bright LED indicators, high output resolution, 4 sets of setup memory, USB remote control and smart cooling fan control. Additionally , the GPD-4303S product provides easy operation , a wide selection of panel setting and operation.
All these features make the GPD-4303S power supply the most promising new comer in the power supply market.
- 4 Independent Isolated Outputs;
- 4 LED Display Sets: 3 digits after decimal point;
- Minimum Resolution 1mV/1mA;
- Digital panel control(rotary encoder Switch, rubber key with indicator);
- User-friendly operation, coarse/fine volume control;
- 4 Sets Save/Recall;
- Key-Lock;
- Output on/off;
- Tracking Series and Parallel mode;
- Smart cooling fan achieving low noise;
- USB Standard Interface;
- PC Software & USB Driver;
- Labview driver.

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KategoriePower Supplies
Output TypeDC
Max. Voltage Ch. 1 [V]30
Max. Current Ch. 1 [A]3
Max. Voltage Ch. 2 [V]30
Max. Current Ch. 2 [A]3
Max. Voltage Ch. 3 [V]5
Max. Current Ch. 3 [A]3
Max. Voltage Ch. 4 [V]5
Max. Current Ch. 4 [A]1
Total Max. Power [W]195
Com. InterfaceUSB
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