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DC Power Supply Bipolar, Dual Range: -15V-0V, 0-15V/±0.1A/1.5W

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The IT6400 Series of High Precision Bipolar Power Supplies features a color LCD which provides an oscilloscope function.
The current readback has a resolution of down to 1nA. The output impedance is adjustable.
Ultrafast transient response times of < 20uS and voltage rise times of down to 150uS with a very low current ripple of 2uArms satisfy high precision requirements.
List functions allow the definition of complex output patterns.
Remote control of the device is possible via the built-in LAN and USB interfaces.
Consult the datasheet for a complete list of functions and features.

  • Maximum output power of single channel up to 150 W
  • Outputvoltage max. ±60 V
  • Output current max. ±10A
  • High performance color LCD display, dual channel output display main interface (*1)
  • Bipolar dual-range output
  • Accurate Battery Simulation
  • Oscilloscope waveform display (DSO)
  • Ultrafast transient response time < 20 μs
  • Ultrafast voltage rising time up to 150 μs (*2)
  • Current display resolution up to 1 nA
  • Ultra-low current ripple down to 2 μArms
  • Built-in high accuracy DVM
  • Variable output impedance
  • Applicable for portable battery power supplies test
  • LED test (no current overshoot)
  • Relay out function achieves electrical isolation on terminals
  • High speed AD sampling
  • List function to generate arbitrary voltage/current output waveforms
  • Standard interface LAN/USB

(*1): Dual Channels only with IT6412
(*2): IT6432H

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KategoriePower Supplies
Output TypeDC
Max. Voltage Ch. 1 [V]15
Max. Current Ch. 1 [A]0.1
Total Max. Power [W]1.5
Com. InterfaceUSB, LAN
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