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DMM / Digital Multi Meters

10kHz Handheld LCR Meter

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GW Instek - LCR-915

The LCR-916/915/914 are smart, convenient and fully-functional dual display handheld LCR meters. The test frequency extends as high as 100 kHz/10kHz, providing greater flexibility to test a wider range of components.The LCR-916/915/914 use a dual 20,000 /2,000 count display. The 20,000 count display is used for displaying the primary parameters such as capacitance, inductance and resistance as well as DC resistance measurement, and a 2,000 count display is for secondary parameters such as Q, D, ESR and RP measurement. Secondary measurements can also be combined with the primary measurement while the primary measurement is still being taken.

The LCR-916/915/914 provide two measurement methods, 2 wire and 5 wire measurement. The LCR-916/915/914 also come with a host of various standard or optional accessories to assist the testing a number of different component types. The meters also include handy functions such as data hold, tolerance sorting, zero mode and Min/Max (for LCR-916 only).

The meter’s USB interface can be used to log data to a PC using the LCR900 software and the DC 5V is provided to power the meter.

With the LCR-916/915/914, you can perform quick and basic LCR measurements with precision at an affordable price.

- 20,000/2,000 Counts Dual Display
- Test Frequency : 100/120Hz/1/10/100kHz
- Auto LCR Mode for DUT Measurements
- 0.2% Basic Accuracy
- Measurement Parameters : L,C,R,D,Q,ESR,θ,DCR
- Parallel/Series Testing Mode
- Sorting Mode for Quality Control
- 2Wire or 5Wire Measurement Available
- Data Hold and Zero Mode Supported
- Max/Min
- Auto Range, Auto Backlit
- Low Battery Indication
- Auto Power off
- Data Collection/AC power operation

GW Instek LCR-915 Handheld LCR Meter CControls
Weitere Informationen
KategorieDMM / Digital Multi Meters
MeasurementsResistance, Ω, Capacitance, F, Inductance, H, Dissipation factor, Quality factor
Number of Wires2, 5
Benchtop or HandheldHandheld
Function GeneratorNein
Measurement Resolution [Digits] 4.5
Com. InterfaceUSB
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