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Power Supplies

Single Power Supply 0-15V/0-5A, USB/RS232/LAN(LXI)/Analog

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TTI - PL155-P

The PL series is for users requiring an advanced linear regulated precision bench power supply that retains conventional analog controls. Facilities including S-Lock Locks your settings at the touch of a button and V-Span to choose a voltage range that suits your task. A low current range provides metering with 0.1mA resolution and enables lower currents to be set with more precision. It’s ultra-compact design uses minimal space on the bench or rack. The PLH series adds voltages of 120V or 250V with electrical isolation of the analog interface inputs.

- Line & load regulation: <0.01%
- Output noise:
  - PL < 0.4mV rms.
  - PLH < 2mV rms.
- Meter accuracies:
  - Voltage - 0.1% ± 1digit
  - Current - 0.3% ± 3 digits
- Size: (WxHxD)
  - Single - 105 x 130 x 290/315mm
  - Dual- 210 x 130 x 290mm
  - Triple - 315 x 130 x 290mm

- True Analogue controls - for ease of use
- S-Lock function - instantly lock settings
- V-Span function - customize the voltage range
- Precision Metering - for reduced uncertainty
- Voltage Sensing - switch remote or local voltage sensing
- Low current range and current meter averaging
- DC output switch and "view limits" button
- Linear regulation - for the best performance
- Ultra-compact design - uses up less space
- Higher energy efficiency than other linear supplies
- Custom Output Terminals - Safety binding-post connection terminals
- Wide model range; single, dual and triple outputs
- Independent, Tracking & Parallel modes on Dual/Triple

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KategoriePower Supplies
Markeaim TTi
Output TypeDC
Max. Voltage Ch. 1 [V]15
Max. Current Ch. 1 [A]5
Total Max. Power [W]75
Com. InterfaceUSB, LAN (LXI), RS-232, Analog
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