Switzerland: How to Save your Devices from Trash [Repair Cafés]

Switzerland – In 2019, the so called Repair Cafés took care of over 23.000 broken items. Not only they repair electronic devices such as DVD players, but also completely different things like clothes or toys. Over 15.000 items were repaired, thus saved  from landing in the trash.

Electronic devices on the first place

About the half of all items being brought for reparation are electronic devices and appliances. These two categories make up 25 percent each of the total requested reparations. Textiles such as jeans follow closeby with 18 percent. Coffee machines, trousers and vacuum cleaners are the items brought the most.

A volunteer working withe the Keysight 1000X Oscilloscope

Finding errors with an oscilloscope

In Switzerland, there exist approximately 140 Repair Cafés. For some devices, special instruments and/or tools are required. Computer Controls therefore decided to donate an Oscilloscope to the organization.

Keysight 1000X Oszilloscope Datasheet

A perfect example of where the oscilloscope could be used was on a broken DVD player. Luckily, the team found some information about the device online and was therefore able to find out the actual voltages.

Figure 1: A volunteer working withe the Keysight 1000X Oscilloscope

 «Without the oscilloscope, we would never have found the error», says Clara Schjøtt, Repair Café Burgdorf.  

They compared the scheme and the Power Supply Board with the data delivered by the oscilloscope. The team then was able to localize the error and eventually fix it.

Do you live in Switzerland (or nearby) and want to visit a Repair Café? Find all locations here.

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