Introducing Keysight's new InfiniiVision 4000G X-Series Oscilloscope

Introducing Keysight's new InfiniiVision 4000G X-Series Oscilloscope

InfiniiVision 4000G X-Series

Versatility Unleashed, Possibilities Amplified

The InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series oscilloscopes range in bandwidth from 200 MHz to 1.5 GHz with high-end technology on a large screen. With the industry’s only uncompromised waveform update rate of 1,000,000 waveforms/second, you can have confidence you will catch even the rarest of glitches in your design.

The InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series consists of A and G models. While there are differences among the models, they share a common foundation of industry-leading features, such as the fastest uncompromised waveform update rate and the world’s easiest triggering capability, zone trigger. In addition to these shared attributes, both 4000 X-Series models encompass a combination of advanced performance, intuitive usability, and versatile functionality.

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InfiniiVision 4000G X-Series

Highlights of the InfiniiVision 4000 X-Series A and G models


Keysight has established fundamental features that should be standard on all oscilloscopes, including zone trigger, segmented memory, and a fast, uncompromised waveform update rate. Beyond these foundational functions that distinguish InfiniiVision from competitors, the newest InfiniiVision 4000G X-Series goes a step further by incorporating more advanced features as part of its standard configuration: dual waveform generators, mask testing, frequency response analysis, histograms, and hardware-based serial decoding capabilities.


With a user-friendly interface and a large screen akin to the 4000A X-Series models, the G models ensure optimal testing efficiency through easy setup and navigation. Built-in help and zone trigger functions simplify the analysis process even further. Notably, the main distinction between the A and G series lies in the key software options, which are now integrated into the standard oscilloscope package, streamlining the purchasing process for added convenience.


Integrated instruments, license upgradeable options, and an extensive portfolio of probes and accessories make the 4000 X-Series an ideal solution for both general debugging or more industry-specific applications such as power analysis, automotive systems, and semiconductor development. Having a frequency response analyzer, counter, waveform generator, and other instruments built into the oscilloscope enables you to dive deeper, faster.

Find the Model That's Right for You

InfiniiVision 4000G X-Series

Can’t find a model that suits your needs? Need more bandwidth, sampling rate, or analysis capabilities? Explore the Overview of all InfiniiVision X-Series Oscilloscopes or get in touch with our experts.


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