Arm Development Studio Update – 2023 Edition

Arm Development Studio Update – 2023 Edition

Development Studio is an IDE development environment and a comprehensive tool suite that enables efficient embedded software development in C/C++. It allows you to use multiple developer tools, and by applying analytical functions, it is the most versatile solution for creating embedded software available on the market. Arm has released an update to Development Studio in versions 2023.0 Gold, Silver and Bronze. A 2023.a edition for Platinum users will also be available soon.

Technological features
The first key functionality is public support for Neoverse V2 processors, as well as support for the latest Armv8-A architecture specifications. Another novelty is the ability to simultaneously trace from multiple ETR components. The latest version also introduced general stability improvements.

Development Studio components have been updated to the latest versions:

  • Arm Compiler for Embedded has been updated to version 6.20
  • Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVP) were based on Arm Fast models 11.21
  • Arm Streamline - updated to version 8.5.0
  • Arm Graphics Analyzer - updated to version 5.12.1.

Neoverse V2
Neoverse V2 is the latest Arm core, whose aim was to provide the highest performance for cloud workloads. Cloud, 5G, HPC industry leaders choose Arm Neoverse as the computational foundation for their next-generation infrastructure solutions. The demand for data is insatiable, from 5G through cloud to smart cities.

Arm Development Studio 2023.0 is the first public version supporting the Neoverse V2 processor. Support is provided throughout the package and includes both Arm Compiler for Embedded, Arm DS debugger and Fixed Virtual Platforms. Sample projects are also available.

Arm Development Studio 2023

Arm architecture support
The new version of Development Studio 2023 also adds the latest solutions for Armv8.8-A and Armv9.3-A. Armv8.9-A and Armv9.4-A were also created. Support for Virtual Memory System Architecture (VMSA) 2022 has also been introduced

The example illustrates some of these features.

Arm architecture support

Collecting a trace from multiple ETR components
In order to support the latest solutions, as well as to meet the requirements of complex SoCs based on ARM cores, the Arm Development Studio debugger also needs to constantly evolve. When combined with DSREAM-XT, you can collect data simultaneously from up to 16 on-chip CoreSight ETR components. 

Collecting a trace from multiple ETR components

As the diagram above illustrates, trace data from the ETR is routed to the PCIe root port and collected in a 16 GB buffer on the DSTREAM-XT probe.

Arm Development Studio 2023.0 is now available
Current Arm Development Studio users with a current subscription can upgrade their product to this version for free.  A free, fully functional 30-day trial license is available for new users. Development Studio licenses also enable the use of Arm Keil MDK.

Arm Development Studio introduces continuous updates and improves the functionality of the software. Its programming environment provides support for the latest processors, as well as libraries, drivers and sample programs. Debugging and simulation of the operation of ready-made devices help in creating embedded systems. The 2023 version also provides new solutions, which results in shortening the work time related to the completion of projects by developers and avoiding errors during their implementation.


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