ITECH ELECTRONIC CO., LTD is a leading technology company specializing in innovative electronic solutions. With a focus on excellence and technological advancements, we deliver trusted products for various applications. Our expertise spans consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and communication systems.

We stand out through our dedicated R&D, investing in top engineers to push technology boundaries. By staying ahead of industry trends, we create reliable products that surpass expectations.

Quality is paramount. We source top-grade components and implement strict quality control measures for long-lasting, flawless performance. We value partnerships and work closely with clients, tailoring solutions to their needs. Our goal is to create lasting collaborations and provide exceptional customer support.

Join Computer Controls AG and ITECH ELECTRONIC CO., LTD in reshaping technology for a connected world.


ITECH offers a comprehensive range of self-developed battery testing solutions. Our solutions encompass power supply, electronic load, internal resistance tester, temperature acquisition, industrial PC, and other equipment. With our professional battery test software, you can easily test various types and chemistries of batteries, on a cell, pack or module level.

Our battery testing solutions cater to diverse applications. From conducting battery life tests for low-power life science instruments to simulating effective working conditions for battery packs in electric vehicles, we enable energy storage equipment testing and simulation in grid-connected setups. We also facilitate comprehensive alarm and protection testing for train battery packs and enable independent and parallel testing of multi-channel battery packs.

ITECH's efficient battery solutions serve a wide range of industries, including new energy vehicles, photovoltaic microgrids, IoT, mobile devices, electric tools, and more.


Solar / PV

The recent years have seen a rapid development of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. In line with this trend, ITECH offers a range of products and solutions specifically designed for PV (photovoltaic) and energy storage testing. Our offerings include solutions for testing solar modules/arrays, micro-inverters (DC-AC), energy storage batteries, energy storage converters, off-grid/grid-connected PV inverters, household energy storage devices, and outdoor emergency energy storage power supplies.

ITECH specializes in high power density testing products and equipment, providing PV simulators (with capabilities up to 2250V/2MW), grid simulators (3U 15kVA, 960kVA max), battery simulators, energy storage battery test systems such as ITS5300, and regenerative AC electronic loads like IT8200.

Through our solutions, users can easily conduct various tests and simulations, including energy storage battery life tests, hardware-in-the-loop simulation tests, MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) efficiency tests, grid-connection adaptability tests, and household device conversion efficiency tests.


Electric Vehicle (EV)

ITECH offers versatile test solutions for new energy vehicles, catering to various testing requirements. These solutions cover AC/DC charging station testing, on-board charger and charging interface testing, portable AC charging device testing, AC/DC charging and charging station simulation testing, power battery testing, and fuel cell testing.

Our comprehensive product line of new energy automotive test equipment is designed to meet diverse needs. With power capacities of up to 1152 kW and voltages reaching 2250V, our product line includes source systems, battery simulators, AC power supplies, DC power supplies, DC electronic loads, AC electronic loads, internal resistance testers, and more.

To enhance usability, we provide professional test software that seamlessly integrates with our equipment. This combination empowers users with complete, comprehensive, and flexible testing solutions for new energy vehicles.



Semiconductors are materials that exhibit electrical conductivity between conductors and insulators at normal temperatures. They are classified into four main categories: integrated circuits (ICs), optoelectronic devices, discrete devices, and sensors. ITECH offers comprehensive solutions suitable for various applications in the semiconductor industry.

Our solutions cover a wide range of areas, including packaged ICs, semiconductor lasers, optoelectronic lighting devices, diodes, transistors, FETs, thyristors, IGBTs, fuses, relays, and other discrete devices and sensors. Specifically, we provide solutions for IC aging tests, power supply tests, and continuity tests for discrete devices. Notably, our solutions excel in semiconductor laser testing. Leveraging the IT6000C's CC/CV priority setting function and adjustable loop speed, we effectively suppress boot overshoot, ensuring accurate and reliable test results.


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