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Debug and trace hardware unit on Arm processor-based targets.

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arm Keil - DSTREAM-ST [DSTRMST-KT-0197A]

Debug and trace hardware unit that enables software debug and optimization on Arm processor-based targets.

DSTREAM-ST provides an interface between a host such as Arm Development Studio and an Arm processor-based target using a hardware interface such as JTAG or Serial Wire Debug (SWD). It also enables the collection of narrow-port (4-pin) parallel streaming trace from the device for non-intrusive debug and code optimization.

DSTREAM-ST is a target access/control unit that knows how to communicate with and control ARM cores and ARM CoreSight devices in ARM based SoCs. Most ARM-based SoCs provide JTAG or Serial Wire Debug (SWD) ports through which DSTREAM-ST is able to control the ARM cores for debug purposes. One main use of a DSTREAM-ST unit is in-conjunction with an ARM capable debug tool - such as the ARM DS-5 Development Studio product. For example, when the debugger wishes to read some memory it can send a message to DSTREAM-ST asking it to read memory and the DSTREAM-ST box takes that request and turns it into the complicated set of operations required to interact with the target system to access the requested memory — and DSTREAM-ST has built in knowledge of how to do this for all ARM cores and CoreSight devices.

DSTREAM-ST supports direct connect to target systems which use the ARM JTAG 20 (debug only), CoreSight 10 (debug only) or CoreSight 20 (debug and trace) connectors. DSTREAM-ST comes supplied with adapters for connection into target systems which use the TI JTAG 14 (debug only) or Mictor 38 (debug and trace) connectors. DSTREAM-ST also supports the use of Serial Wire Debug (SWD) and Serial Wire Output (SWO) for those target systems that support it.


  • DSTREAM-ST unit
  • Power supply unit and associated cables
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB 3.0 cable
  • CoreSight 10/20-way 0.05" pitch ribbon cable
  • CoreSight Short 20-way 0.05" pitch ribbon cable
  • JTAG 20-way 0.1" pitch ribbon cable
  • JTAG 14-way Texas Instruments adapter
  • MICTOR 38-way adapter
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arm KEIL DSTREAM-ST Getting Started Guide [en]
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