Computer Controls S.r.l. represents EXFO in Italy

Computer Controls S.r.l. is now the Italian distributor of EXFO, the Canadian measurement technology expert for telecommunications solutions. With EXFO's extensive product range, the company offers test, monitoring, and analysis solutions for both fixed and mobile network operators, hyperscaler companies and leading companies in the manufacturing, development and research sectors.

“With EXFO, we have gained a very innovative and high-tech partner in the field of information and communications technology (ICT) for Italy. This is because our customers in the telecommunications industry are investing more than ever in the expansion of their data networks and need appropriate support to make optimum use of their bandwidths,” says Alessandro Sanasi, Managing Director of Computer Controls S.r.l., about the new collaboration. The Italian sales company of Swiss-based Computer Controls AG aims to get the most out of every application in this area. To this end, the company provides support from the start-up phase through to project completion and far beyond.

The partnership combines Computer Controls' many years of experience in Switzerland and Germany with EXFO's unique products to provide ideal support for challenges in the Italian market such as faster expansion of FTTH networks, growth of data centers and expansion of the new 5G mobile communications standard. Automated solutions for complex measurement tasks are now available to Italian customers so that they can be completed quickly and reliably, thus contributing to faster digitization in Italy.

For FTTH-PON rollout, 5G applications and the Data Center market segment, EXFO's solutions improve automation and quality in all service deployment stages for telecom network operators. “Automating test tools and processes helps our customers complete more jobs faster and get network installations right the first time. This enables them to increase their efficiency in the long term,” enthuses Samuel Correia, Head of Business Unit ICT at Computer Controls AG.

Published at: 25-05-2023