New solutions for encrypted data storage and hardware-based data security

Computer Controls has expanded its product portfolio in the "Security" branch by including solutions for encrypted data storage from Encrypdata. With Encrypdata, Swissbit and SecureData, there are now a total of three lines for this important market sector in the portfolio of the major Swiss distributor for high-quality electronic components, IoT communication modules and measurement technology for test & measurement applications. Encrypdata takes an innovative approach to data security and secure data storage by providing compact, FIPS140-2 Level 3 validated USB, HDD, and SSD storage devices. The storage capacities range up to several terabytes and data security in military standard is achieved with a special hardware encryption. The encrypted hardware solutions protect business, scientific or governmental data and information against unauthorized access, theft, and loss. On the USB sticks and external drives, data that needs to be particularly protected is not only blocked from access, but also completely hardware encrypted. Each bit of data is automatically encoded in real time and is always still conveniently available thanks to innovative technology. The devices also have unique remote management and integrated virus protection.

The new products outlined

The USB stick is not only access-protected, but also completely hardware-encrypted. Every bit of data written on the device (8 - 126 GB) is automatically encrypted with the military standard XTS-AES 256-bit with a dedicated processor on the device (hardware encryption). As authentication is performed at the hardware level, no host system resources are used. This increases performance, eliminates the need for software and drivers and significantly increases security. The storage device can be conveniently unlocked with a smartphone or smartwatch using the integrated keyboard or a mobile app.

Hardware-encrypted SSDs or HDDs (250 GB - 20 TB) are available for mobile data storage, which can also be easily and conveniently unlocked using the built-in keyboard or the protected web application on a smartphone. They can be remotely monitored using remote management and make any data access impossible in the event of loss. The devices are protected from physical attacks with an epoxy resin bonded casing and a dedicated circuit detects any manipulations that lead to the destruction of the crypto chip. In addition, all hard drives are equipped with an antivirus program that protects against malware or ransomware.

Encrypted SD and micro-SD cards from Swissbit are available to secure sensitive camera material, such as surveillance cameras or body cams. Easily retrofittable, immediately ready for use via the plug-and-play function and, above all, host-independent, relevant film recordings are securely protected against unauthorised access. Swissbit also covers the important area of password-less registration and user authentication using the most modern and secure hardware tokens in accordance with the FIDO2 standard. A range of software and accessories rounds off the entire product range and the new solutions primarily serve the areas of user authentication, backup & recovery, encryption solutions and data loss prevention.

Computer Controls takes account of the ever more critical security requirements and the resulting demand for data encryption and secure storage by now offering various individual solutions that correspond exactly to the needs of the customers.

Published at: 13-12-2022