Measuring and sourcing with highest precision

Speisen und Messen mit höchster Präzision

Highest precision, low-noise sourcing and measuring capabilities are mandatory for researching and developing novel materials, semiconductor devices, sensors and high-accuracy electronic systems. For these tasks, measuring currents in the region of pico-ampere and resistances up to several terra-ohms is a key requirement. Additionally, power supplies with an outstanding noise performance are required to distinguish the measurement values from the system noise unequivocally.

For these challenging tasks, Keysight Technologies provides the B2900 family. All the devices of the B2900 family are equipped with a graphical user interface that supports different viewing modes such as trend charts and histograms. Post-processing of data on a PC becomes completely unnecessary due to this feature. To characterize semiconductor devices like diodes, transistors, solar cells, etc. the B2900A Source/Measure Units (SMUs) are the ideal devices. The B2960A low-noise sources are suited to supply highly sensitive electronic devices such as AD converters or sensors. Finally, the B2980A series are equally useful for characterizing novel materials like dielectrics, organic materials and polymers or for reading small sensor currents and voltages.

The graphical user interface, in combination with the superior measurement and sourcing capabilities, greatly simplifies material- and semiconductor characterization as well as measurement tasks for highly precise electronics and therefore maximizes the confidence in your measurements.

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