‚Smart Leasing‘ by Computer Controls AG

‚Smart Leasing‘ of Computer Controls AG

Today’s economic and technology environment demand the deployment of latest test- measurement and production solutions. Our ‘Smart-Leasing’ is the ideal instrument for the procurement and renewal of capital goods. Purchases are realized, when they are necessary, at the same time funds become available for investments that cannot be leased.

Example for 36 Months:

  • 50‘000 CHF sales price, exkl. VAT
  • First payment 5'000 CHF (difference 45'000 CHF)
  • 35 monthly payments à 1'350 CHF
  • Total payment after 36 Monaten: 52'250
  • Residual terminal value: 500 CHF!

There is no more profitable way to get the most modern and most advanced technologies!

Our ‚Smart-Leasing‘ offers you:

  • Availability effect
  • Balance sheet effects
  • Tax effects
  • Planning dependability
  • Flexibility

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