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DMM / Digital Multi Meters

2kHz Precision LCR Meter

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GW Instek - LCR-6002

GW Instek introduces the brand new high precision LCR meter - LCR-6000 series, which, with five models, has a test frequency range extending from 2kHz/20kHz/100kHz/200kHz/300kHz (maximum) and with 0.05% basic accuracy. The compact size design, 2U height and 1/2 rack, is one of the practical features of the series which is the optimum space saver suitable for either bench top or system rack. The compacted LCR-6000 series with abundant features is absolutely the excellent tool for R&D, production test, IQC, etc. on implementing each test stages for passive components.

- 3.5” color LCD
- 5 models:
  - LCR-6300 : 10Hz ~ 300kHz(±0.01%) (4 digits resolution)
  - LCR-6200 : 10Hz ~ 200kHz(±0.01%) (4 digits resolution)
  - LCR-6100 : 10Hz ~ 100kHz(±0.01%) (4 digits resolution)
  - LCR-6020 : 10Hz ~ 20kHz(±0.01%) (4 digits resolution)
  - LCR-6002 : 10Hz ~ 2kHz(±0.01%) (4 digits resolution)
- Consecutive test frequency
- Basic accuracy : 0.05%
- Measuring speed up to 25ms (max.)
- Full frequency range or spot OPEN/SHORT
- 16 major/secondary parameter measurement combinations and two additional monitoring parameters (maximum four different parameters can be shown simultaneously)
- DCR measurement and internal D.C. bias voltage (±2.5V)
- PASS/FAIL judgment
- Auto Level Control (ALC) function
- BIN function provides 9BIN and 1AUX, totally 10 BIN
- 10 steps listed tests to select different frequency, voltage and current criteria
- Standard interface : RS-232C, Handler and USB Host / Device
- Compact size, ideal for automatic equipment (2U,1/2 RACK)

Weitere Informationen
KategorieDMM / Digital Multi Meters
MeasurementsResistance, Ω, Continuity, S, Capacitance, F, Inductance, H, Dissipation factor, Quality factor
Number of Wires2, 4
Benchtop or HandheldBenchtop
Function GeneratorNein
Measurement Resolution [Digits] 6.0
Com. InterfaceUSB, RS-232
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