How 5G helps to unlock your business


How 5G helps to unlock your business

The 5G wave has just started to roll! 5G networks deliver faster and more reliable communications. They open doors to exciting new connections to Internet of Things (IoT) networks, autonomous driving, broadband fixed wireless, and faster video viewing. 5G capabilities unlock new business models, revenue streams, and provide service differentiation that can increase average revenue per user.

5G is not just an evolution of LTE providing end users with higher data rates. It is a revolution of further groundbreaking technological advances. Another major aspect is that it will interconnect a myriad of devices. This expected tremendous growth of devices to communicate with services and each other will pose a huge challenge to the backhaul of our existing telecommunication systems. These challenges include for example capacity, availability, latency, and cost efficiency.

How Computer Controls will support your path to 5G

5G testing means more than verifying the lightning-fast download speeds, super low latency, and expansive coverage density. Simplified, end-to-end Layer 1–7 test solutions are playing a vital role in the development, deployment, and operational excellence of emerging 5G networks. Delivering 5G takes precision measurement and deep network visibility solutions to de-risk 5G development and operation across the ecosystem.

The new 5G standards and quality of experience (QoE) expectations from your subscribers start at the core of your mobile network. New capabilities require higher cell density. Balancing performance and cost are a critical consideration for new radio access network (RAN) equipment deployment. We can help you make the best decisions for network optimization and new RAN deployment.

The 5G Terms and Acronyms

A Comprehensive Explanation Overview of 5G Technical Terms.

Whatever you develop 5G technology for, it will be imperative to understand design and test concepts and solutions across multiple dimensions. There are a lot of 5G terms and more on the way. We have got you covered: Here is a list of what is out there today.

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New Radio Coexistence in Wireless Communications

Ensure your 5G New Radio (NR) Designs will Operate in Adjacent Bands or Within the Same Spectrum as other Wireless Communications. 

This poster shows the 5 coexistence considerations for successful operations. From 5G coexistence with LTE, in unlicensed spectrum, in-device coexistence (IDC) to in-band and out-of-band emissions and 5G spectrum sharing with satellite and radar systems.

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Engineering the 5G World

Design and Test Insights.

This book provides you with a big-picture overview of 5G technology and should help you better understand your role in this 5G ecosystem. It focuses on test and measurement (T&M) and its role in the development of 5G. As you design 5G hardware and software, you need all the information and insight possible to ensure the success of your contribution. This book delivers the collective distilled wisdom of Keysight 5G experts.

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Making 5G Work

Accelerating Testing Across the Workflow to put 5G Devices in the Hands of Customers.

Device makers must effectively overcome these challenges to reach commercialization faster than the competition. Like a relay race, 5G consists of four sprints for devices- design, conformance, carrier acceptance test (CAT), and manufacturing. This paper includes useful tips to help you accelerate your time to market across the workflow and reach first-to-market status. Find out more about the 4 sprints of the 5G device workflow.

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Testing Done Right

5G testing practices stretch from lab to live.

An efficient and automated test workflow process will give operations teams a competitive advantage by driving team efficiency, ensuring compliance for first-time right results and accelerating time-to-revenue. This poster shows you clearly how to achieve operational efficiency with field test automation solutions.

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Field Tests for a 5G Future

Never Sacrifice Capability or Portability – Modern communication networks demand higher frequencies at wider bandwidths. Once you’re ready to take your new technology beyond the lab, you’ll have to field-test your network. Whether up high on a tower or in the furthest reaches of civilization, you need reliable test gear that can weather the conditions and perform precise measurements you can trust.

With the most comprehensive set of software-enabled, mmWave measurement tools packed into a single, handheld unit, FieldFox enables you to do the following:

  • verify 5G installations
  • test network coverage
  • troubleshoot interference
  • perform regular maintenance

This poster shows what 5G coverage will look like in a connected city. It includes field test measurements that make 5G deployment a reality.

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6 Essential Field Tests for Emerging 5G Networks

Emerging 5G networks promise unprecedented communications capabilities. Field test engineers need to learn new test methods to support 5G technologies and network upgrades. Download the eBook, Six Essential 5G Field Tests to get up to speed on:

  • Path loss characterization
  • Base station coverage testing
  • Component carrier power measurements
  • Over-the-air control channel coverage testing
  • Network quality and beam performance verification
  • EMF exposure evaluation

We hope this will help you ensure a smooth 5G network transformation.

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Five Strategies to Accelerate 5G Device Development

How you Can Accelerate your Device Designs and Get your Products to Market Faster.

Designing and implementing 5G devices in new millimeter-wave (mmWave) operating bands (24.25 to 52.6 GHz — also known as frequency range 2 or FR2) presents substantial challenges. New technologies and evolving standards increase design complexity. Here are five strategies to help you address these challenges and get your designs to market faster.

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