Special Procurement

Worldwide Special Procurement for Fewer Supply Bottlenecks and More Planning

With our special procurement, we offer you the possibility to complement your bill of material (BOM) quickly and effectively. We use a worldwide supplier network to procure required semiconductors for your production - quality is our top priority. We cooperate with test houses that are located as close as possible to the suppliers, for example in Germany, Hungary and Asia. In addition, we offer warehousing with different logistics concepts as there is the possibility of a one-year frame and long-term storage. The very tense supply situation on the semiconductor market can to some extent overturn your production planning currently. Without fully covered parts lists with the available chips, parts and components, you cannot produce safely and reliably. The latest semiconductor shortage also means that production has to be stopped or postponed.

Our Services for your Reliable Production Planning

  1. Global purchasing creates fair prices

  2. Worldwide procurement via large supplier network

  3. Frame orders with safety stock

  4. Support for cross references and recoding to alternative manufacturers

  5. Technical support: PCN, data sheets, documents, breakdown of manufacturer's designation OPN Ordering Part Number Translation Table

  6. Support for discontinued components (Obsolescence Management)

  7. Supplier contracts

  8. Last-Time-Buy-Solutions for your long-term storage

Programming Service

Tape and Reel Service

Obsolescence Management

Test Service

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  1. PG22-DK2503A: EFM32PG22 Development Kit

    Low cost, small form factor prototype and development platform for the EFM32PG22 microcontroller.

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