Calibration and Maintenance

Periodic Calibration and Maintenance: Mandatory Programme for your Measurement Technology

Based on your measurements, you take pass and fail decisions in your test routine or troubleshooting. Through periodic calibration and maintenance of your test equipment, you can identify tolerance deviations and have them corrected in time. This way you ensure 100% accuracy, repeatability and reliability. After all, inadequate or infrequent calibration can sometimes make you lose sleep:

  • Poor or incomplete calibration may lead to measurement inaccuracies or even significant measurement errors.

  • Your clients cannot ensure whether measuring or splicing devices used are still working within intended tolerance ranges.

  • With guaranteed specifications of electronic devices, depending on the measuring environment and ageing of the components, a so-called "drift" and thus an undesired shift in the measured value can occur.

  • If test equipment does not meet required specifications, it may result in annoying malfunctions, failures and costly rework.

So always ask yourself: "Is my measuring device still 100% ready for use and can I continue to rely on my measurement results?"

Fulfil Control and Calibration Obligations

In many cases, your measurement technology is required to be checked and calibrated on a regular basis. When testing fibre optic networks, for example, misinterpretations, a reduction in the quality of the connections or even failures must be avoided. Network operators have therefore established their own guidelines in some places, and proof of calibration must be provided for measurements made. These require traceable measurement reports and original spare parts that comply with the manufacturer's specifications.

As a certified service center and EXFO Gold Partner, we check and calibrate according to the manufacturer's defined test criteria and create the corresponding verification documents. The benchmark for our service is fast completion as well as 100 percent reliability and customer satisfaction. We calibrate and maintain your measurement technology:

  • Splicing Devices from Sumitomo and Fujikura
  • OTDR testing equipment from EXFO
  • T&M devices from Keysight, Agilent, HP, TTi, GW Instek, Pico Technology and much more

Calibration and Maintenance PLUS

We offer MORE - beyond mere calibration instructions: We clean your device, check functionality, load firmware upgrades, perform test measurements and send automatic reminders for the next calibration date. We also check accessories or wear levels and provide missing consumables or new cases.

Example Calibration and Maintenance

Calibration & Maintenance EXFO 2 Wavelength OTDR includes following services:

  • Cleaning of device, module, and transport box
  • Check of technical function and condition (display, housing, battery)
  • Check of accessories
  • Replacement of optical connections (ferrules)
  • Firmware upgrade (existing measurement settings are retained)
  • Calibration according to EXFO manufacturer standard
  • Test measurement with your connection adapter (EUI) and our reference adapter
  • Calibration certificate according to manufacturer's specifications
  • Adjustment of calibration date in the firmware
  • Automatic reminder for the next calibration
  • Free transport and shipping included: You pack - We transport
Calibration Maintenance
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