Design-In Support

Our Design-In Support for Semiconductors to Perfect End Products

With our design-in support for our franchised manufacturers, we accompany you as an authorised semiconductor distributor from initiation of your design-in project through product development to implementation and volumes production. We offer development tools, simulation and test equipment, evaluation kits and technical support.

We are enabling your ideas even before they have become reality: Our field application engineers help you to identify solution-oriented semiconductors for your electronic end product and, in close cooperation with our franchised semiconductor manufacturers, provide corresponding samples for design-in.

From Start to Finish: Our Design-In Support

  1. Research and analysis of the market situation, area of application, intended target group and their needs for the product.

  2. Idea development and conception of innovative solutions for basic functional principles:
    Finding and developing unique features that set your product apart from competing products.

  3. We examine all ideas developed with regard to economic, ecological and market strategy suitability. In the course of the process, they are further refined and modified.

  4. Detailed elaboration of the selected preferred variant:
    In this process, we work out constructional solution approaches and determine your preferred design variant together with you.

  5. Prototyping and design for the implementation of largely functional intermediate models:
    In this phase, the product essentially gets its final functionality and appearance. This allows you to check and optimise functionalities of mechanical elements.

  6. Finished design-in and transfer of data sets to your production: After completion of the final testing in prototyping, your product can go into volumes production.
Design-In Support Service

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  1. SLEXP8021A

    LTE-M Expansion Kit - add-on board that features the XBee3® LTE-M cellular modem.

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