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Specialised on Semiconductors – our Franchised Brands

From many different franchised brands, we are your distributor for semiconductors, electronic devices and components. As your franchised supplier, we focus on short time-to-market for new products and smart technologies for development and technical purchasing.

Our Franchised Brands

Your Applications in Focus

All semiconductors, chips, electronic components, MCU, microcontrollers, IC, integrated circuits, switches, multiplexers, power management IC, clocks & timing, audio can be used in a wide range of applications.

  • Information and Communications Technology ICT, Photonics, Wired Networking, 5G/6G, Wireless Infrastructure
  • Industrial > Test & Measurement, Smart Energy & Power, Factory & Building Automation, Lighting, Medical & Connected Health, Grid Infrastructure, Smart Cities
  • Enterprise Systems > Data Center, Enterprise Computing, Enterprise Machine, Smart Retail
  • Personal Electronics > Data Storage, Gaming, Mobile Phones, Smart Home, Home Entertainment, PC & Notebooks, Tablets, TV, Wearables
  • Technologies > Quantum Computing, IoT, Safety & Security, Surveillance, Enabling Technologies
  • Automotive

We enable you to create a better connected, safer and more sustainable world of electronics solutions. In doing so, we help you reduce the overall cost of developing, testing and manufacturing your solutions and increase your productivity. We support you with product integration and ensure complete functionality to satisfy your customers.

Do you have questions about our linecard, current stock levels, delivery, enquiry or our webshop? We simplify your procurement of semiconductors and electronic components with our franchised brands!

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  1. PG22-DK2503A: EFM32PG22 Development Kit

    Low cost, small form factor prototype and development platform for the EFM32PG22 microcontroller.

    SKU : 1693634393.5249

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    SPQ : 1 pcs.

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    CHF 39,95 Excl. 8.1% VATexcl. Shipping

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