Excess Management

Excess Management Reduces Components Overstock

Outsource your excess management at ease. We manage the distribution of your unused stock or excess stock of semiconductors and electronic components. They lock up unnecessary capital that you may invest elsewhere.

As franchised distributor for semiconductors and components, we handle your complete excess management and worldwide marketing. This reduces your stock and increases your liquidity. We have the required network and corresponding logistics via our comprehensive webshop.

The current situation on the chip market can be quite challenging for your semiconductor procurement and for the supply chains of your production planning. The lastest chip shortages are causing productions to be stopped or postponed.

Excess Management

What is excess stock?

Why should inventory value be reduced?

How can storage costs be cut?

Choose from 3 Different Models for Excess Management

With our 3 different models for excess management you create free storage capacities and save storage costs - fast cash flow included.

1. Efficient Excess Stock

The direct purchase of your excess stock by us is a fast and efficient solution for you - regardless of whether it concerns individual items or entire warehouses. Convert your storage costs into liquidity. Send us your overstock list and we will submit you an offer after a thorough examination.


2. Flexible Consignment Agreement

For as much flexibility as possible, but still benefit from worldwide market opportunities: If your inventory is appropriate, we will enter a consignment agreement. You keep maximum transparency throughout the entire process. In addition, you continue to maintain full planning flexibility, as the semiconductors and electronic components provided can be requested from us at any time during the entire contract period - just in case you need them.


3. Pure Marketing without Stock Takeover

Our simplest model: We market your excess semiconductors, components and electronic components with the help of your inventory list, without the goods actually leaving your warehouse. The marketing takes place without contractual commitment via our worldwide distribution channels. You decide individually in each case whether and at what price you sell to us.


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