How IoT will help your business grow


How IoT will help your business grow

Welcome to the Internet of things! IoT is about to transform physical objects around us into an ecosystem of information. Its expansion is leading in a new era of ubiquitous connectivity in the industry 4.0, which allows things to connect, interact and exchange data – always and everywhere.

As digitally connected devices like smartphones, wearables, vehicles, and home appliances become omnipresent at home and at work, networking, radio frequency and access infrastructure solutions turn out to be an increasingly important area of interest. And as the Industrial IoT has impact on every industry, more applications and devices will join that list. Whatever industries and appliances are affected, the key factors for sensitive IIoT applications are always the same: reliable connectivity, low-energy consumption, and long-life cycles.

How Computer Controls will help your IIoT business grow

To meet IIoT key demands such as connectivity, longevity resp. continuity and battery life, compliance, coexistence, and cyber security Computer Controls delivers solutions to build wireless sensor nodes and low power motes. Our professional expert services help you to find the most efficient modules and semiconductor devices. We also offer validation tools for measuring and managing battery life as well as developing and debugging kits for your embedded firmware.

The 5 C’s of IoT

A Comprehensive Approach to Your multifaceted challenge in IoT Design.

Testing IoT devices is one of the biggest challenges today’s design engineers and device manufacturers face. IoT success demands that they address the 5 C challenges across the entire IoT device life cycle. Discover more about how to ensure reliable wireless performance of your IoT device.

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Going Beyond the IoT Hype

Key Building Blocks of Internet of Things (IoT). 

IoT is already a reality. Products ranging from home temperature control and entertainment to security and industrial control have already been deployed. This paper will help you understand how key building blocks of IoT work together and to validate IoT products or services are functional, safe, and conforms to industry standards in the whole IoT eco system like access technology, infrastructure, or data centers. Read how to successfully evaluate, design, or deploy the next generation of IoT solutions, extending to ICT solutions as well.

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Solving IoT Design and Test Challenges

Ensure IoT device wireless performance while maintaining low cost-of-test.

With many wireless technologies using the same unlicensed spectrum, manufacturers also need to verify that co-channel and adjacent-channel interferences are not adversely affecting their device performance. This also presents challenges to designers as the design and test of devices becomes more complex, time consuming, and expensive. This paper helps to test Your IoT devices more efficiently. Explore more.

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The World’s Smallest LoRaWAN® FMLR-6x-x-MA62x Module from Miromico

Supporting the LoRaWAN long-range wireless protocol.

Miromico AG® has achieved to develop FMLR-6x-x-MA62x by leveraging the MAX32625/26 Arm® Cortex®-M4 microcontroller (MCU) from Maxim Integrated Products®. Read more about how to place the module in high-density urban or long-range rural environments and connect a large variety of sensors to LoRaWAN. It supports advanced applications (with 512KB flash, 160KB SRAM, 96 MHz operating speed) while keeping designers below their power budget.

Datasheet FMLR-6x-x-MA62x [PDF]

How to Ensure IoT Devices Work in Their Intended Environment

Locate and identify interference.

Coexistence is essential for stable, reliable communication in the Internet of Things (IoT). Coexistence testing is the only way to accurately evaluate your device’s ability to maintain its functional wireless performance (FWP) in the presence of intended and unintended (interfering) signals. Read more about how it is critical to understand the details of coexistence testing, and how to perform it accurately and efficiently, to ensure the success of your IoT device.

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How to Maximize the Battery Life of Your Portable IoT Devices

Simplify battery life estimation with an automated measurement and monitoring suite.

The ability to measure and predict the battery life of a device is more crucial than ever. You need to detect design weaknesses with quick and effortless event-based power consumption analysis and automatically correlate critical RF and non-RF events of your device to the power consumed to identify the areas consuming the most current. This application note describes how to use the Keysight X8712A IoT device battery life optimization test solution to quickly detect design weaknesses and estimate the battery life of an IoT device.

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RocketLogger® High Accuracy Power Logger from Miromico

Designed for developing ultra-low power sensor nodes with long battery lifetime.

Developed by the Computer Engineering Group at ETH Zurich, this RocketLogger meets the challenges given by novel IoT applications and can measures both ultra-low sleep currents in the nano ampere range, as well as high current transients during wireless communication. Get more information of how the power logger is a portable, multi-channel alternative to conventional bulky and costly laboratory instrumentation.

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Read more about RocketLogger

Battery Life Optimization Solution with Keysight X8712A IoT Device

Estimating battery runtime is critical, but not enough.

To get the most out of your IoT device's battery, you need to understand what RF and sub-circuit events are causing battery charge consumption. This will enable you to make the hardware and firmware programming decisions that will optimize your battery's runtime. This Data Sheet helps you to predict the device’s battery life and put it down on paper for your customers. Read more about how to perform event-based power consumption analysis on your IoT device using the powerful Keysight X8712A device.

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Accurate Technology for Easy, Secure Fuel Gauging You Can Trust

Enabling long battery run-time with minimum solution size.

Battery fuel gauges have traditionally been very dependent on the specific type of battery involved. Therefore, these gauges have had to be tailored to each battery, requiring characterization in the lab under various load and temperature conditions. This White Paper discusses technology that quickly delivers an accurate reading of the battery state-of-charge for most applications, without needing any costly and time-consuming characterization.

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Battery Life is IoT Device Life

Without battery-powered devices there would be no Internet of Things (IoT). Batteries are cheap, the cost of replacing them is often higher than the cost of replacing the entire IoT device. This overview considers what happens when a battery fails to last 10 years.

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Four Tips to Optimize IoT Device Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most important considerations for IoT devices. It is easy to understand why. Consumers often expect long battery life for their applications and devices. For wearable medical devices such as pacemakers, where device life can mean the difference between actual life or death, battery failure is not an option. Explore this eBook to discover the steps you can take today to optimize the battery life in your IoT devices, including practical advice for IoT developers. 

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EMI Compliance Test versus EMI Pre-Compliance Test

The Value of EMI Pre-Compliance Testing.

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is caused by unintentional emissions from electronic equipment. To gain global market access for their products, the manufacturers of electronic devices must comply with region or country specific EMC directives and ensure that their devices are compliant. Find out how to Reduce the risk of failing EMI compliance at the end of a project. 

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EMI/EMC Pre-Compliance

Ensure your devices pass final compliance testing and you are to market on time.

Fast time to market and cost-effective product design cycles are the key factors in this highly dynamic environment. Pre-compliance testing is your fundamental tool to meet these requirements. This short introduction into electromagnetic compatibility EMC testing known as EMI or EMC pre-compliance testing demonstrates how to take control of time to market and costs related to EMI certification.


The Blueprint to a Successful Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Ensuring a successful test framework for IIoT devices demands.

Industrial-focused IoT devices are different from consumer-level IoT devices in that they connect machines, vehicles, and devices in industries that include oil and gas, automotive, power generation, construction, and transportation. IIoT require low-energy, low-maintenance, and high-performance devices that can run in these challenging environments in real-time. This white paper offers guidance for creating an effective test matrix outline. Developers can use these concepts as a foundation on which to build a complete test.

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The Impact of IIoT on Business Operation

A well-rounded IoT system delivers efficiency and competitive advantages.

Leaders who are advocating for and utilizing IoT as much as possible are thriving and experiencing the benefits of new growth opportunities. The IIoT focus of IoT in a manufacturing setting and promises to radically transform the three fundamental pillars of the manufacturing process such as discrete manufacturing, transportation & logistics, and utilities. This paper shows reasons for a modern factory to ride the wave of the IIoT and invest in digital transformation.

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