How power supplies help to assure your business


How Computer Controls powers your hardware design

We have got the power. On a bench or in a system, our DC power supplies are ready for your application, offering optimal choices in voltage, current, capability, and precision. Our power supplies’ portfolio ranges from Watts to 100 Kilowatts plus, DC and AC programmable, e-loads and bidirectional, linear and switch-mode and regenerative loads to increase efficiency.


The Power Handbook

A Guide for Test and Measurement Power Applications.

This handbook focuses on how to effectively use power supplies and electronic loads to achieve specific application goals. The intent is to provide you with a “one stop shop” for basic information on power related topics, and it incorporates information from many of existing application notes. It is a useful tool that allows you to get the maximum benefit from Keysight’s power focused products.

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Electronic Load Fundamentals

Testing the reliability of a power source or the efficiency of an energy conversion block.

It is crucial to ensure that the devices meet the required compliance standards. Multiple devices with complex loading profiles require a high-density test system with advanced features. An electronic load is an effective solution to test power devices. Read more on how electric load reduce test time and cost by easily adapting to continuous changes in device test requirements.

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Regenerative Power Supply

Addressing Efficiency, Safety, and Operation Costs.

Vehicle electrification in the automotive market brings new challenges in design and manufacturing with it. Consumers are looking for cars with a long-range, which means higher capacity batteries along with high-power electronics and chargers. Get more information about Keysight’s developed regenerative two-quadrant power supply RP7900 Series, that meets industry needs for safe and reliable hardware to test their high-power, high-voltage electronics.

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Practical Tips to Help your Power Testing and Analysis

Simple Ways to Improve your Operation and Measurement Capabilities.

Power supply is an integral part of any good test system. The capability to deliver clean and accurate power to your Device Under Test (DUT) removes doubts and gives you right results every time. These 10 practical tips will let you get more out of your power supply. Read on and learn how to reduce noise from your power supply and how about simplifying your test setup.

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Ways to Build Your Power Supply Skill Set

Dealing with Unexpected Effects of Temperature Changes in Your Power Supply.

A change in ambient temperature can affect the output of a power supply. This eBook includes tips for you to review and build your power skills and includes topics such as understanding constant voltage and constant current, getting a voltage or current boost, dealing with unexpected temperature effects, and handling noise sensitive DUTs.

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Battery Design and Test Insights

Battery Drain Analysis for Low Power IoT Devices.

Low-power devices associated with the Internet of Things (IoT) consume power at highly variable rates, from microseconds to seconds, and from picoamperes to amperes. Accurate battery drain measurements are critical to achieving the long battery life customers expect. Explore a broad range of solutions enabling engineers to get convenient, fast, and accurate results that properly characterize battery drain on IoT devices.

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Power Storage and Conversion Testing

Fundamental Building Blocks to Enable Power Storage Technology.

Every electronic device you use shares two standard processes: First AC power is transformed into energy stored inside high or low-capacity batteries. Then process of power conversion takes over. The energy from the battery is converted and distributed to various power functions within the device. Explore a test solution that helps you to measure and analyse data with uncompromising ease and accuracy for power storage and conversion advancement.

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Battery Life is Medical Device Life

How Continuous and Pulse Currents Affect the Battery Discharge Capacity in Different Ways.

Battery drain analysis is crucial to ensure that implantable medical devices have maximal battery life, and predictable battery charge and replacement cycles. Read on in this success story to learn how an implantable medical device company overcome this challenge and developed a battery discharge predictive model that can detect low charge with enough lead time and warning to reduce patient stress and frequency of doctor visits.

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Battery Life is IoT Device Life

Without battery-powered devices there would be no Internet of Things (IoT). Batteries are cheap, the cost of replacing them is often higher than the cost of replacing the entire IoT device. This overview considers what happens when a battery fails to last 10 years.

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PV Battery and Inverter Test Simulation

Understanding the Importance of Maximum Power Point Tracking Efficiency for Solar Inverters.

Photovoltaic (PV) arrays harness solar energy and convert it to electrical energy by using a solar inverter. MPPT efficiency testing is a particularly important part of solar inverter testing. The solar inverter uses a maximum power point tracking algorithm that continuously runs to seek out the maximum power point of the photovoltaic (PV) array power characteristic that is powering its input. Read on to understand the details.

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