Computer Controls AG founds Subsidiary for Sales, Technical Support and Service in Italy

Computer Controls group announces the launch of its new subsidiary in Italy on March 1, 2023. The new Computer Controls S.r.l. will initially target electronics manufacturing services, industrial automation, automotive electronics, medical supplies, aerospace & defense, and research & education as a technical distributor & integrator for test & measurement equipment, optical devices to test fiber optic networks and infrastructures plus franchised components lines. Computer Controls AG focuses on testing and measurement and customized solutions to help customers be innovative and improve their products by aligning them with the latest technologies in telecommunications, energy, and optical communications. It solves specific test problems or requirements with systems, that a single box cannot deliver.

"We offer a wide range of services surrounding products as well as the products themselves. From highly specialized Test & Measurement manufacturers such as Keysight, FormFactor, EXFO, GW-Instek, and Swissbit to off brand manufacturers we will supply the Italian market with the same focus and dedication we have shown in all countries. Experienced engineers provide service and solutions throughout the product life cycle, from concept to production, such as defining test specifications, configuring test set-up, and optimizing test time. Our know-how in R&D and in various applications is deep and in step with the latest technology trends, a strength that helps our customers get the right "Solution" while optimizing their resources (investment, people, time). An efficient logistics centre leaves nothing to be desired," says Alessandro Sanasi, new managing director of Computer Controls S.r.l. Computer Controls Italy will be located in the Milan metropolitan region, where a high density of technology companies and start-ups can be found.

Harald Weigelt, President of the Swiss group, examines this company foundation from an economic perspective: "In terms of gross domestic product, Italy is the third largest economy in the European Union and ranks eighth worldwide. Mechanical, aircraft, ship and vehicle construction are among the most important branches of industry in the country, followed by the chemical industry and manufacturers of electronic products. Thus, at Computer Controls, we see a large area of application for our high-tech solutions and components, with which the country's companies can develop innovative products and bring them to market, thereby securing an additional competitive advantage for themselves."

Computer Controls translates customers’ needs into high-level electronic solutions. With 30 years of knowledge in distribution, support, and service the company helps to find the best products for applications in IoT, electronic and mechanical engineering, ICT, and research & education. Computer Controls delivers efficient performance for best results and implements agile in quality assurance for different industries. When independence and transparency matters, qualified and inspiring professionals at Computer Controls act as leading-edge technology partners.

Published at: 06-03-2023