Silicon Labs EFM32PG28 Microcontrollers for Low Power, High-Performance IoT Applications

In a groundbreaking development for embedded IoT applications, the EFM32PG28 32-bit microcontroller (MCU) family has emerged as a powerful solution, showcasing compatibility with the EFR32xG28 wireless SoC platform. These MCUs, known for their software compatibility, cater to a diverse range of low power and high-performance embedded IoT applications.

The EFM32PG28 offers a host of features that make it an ideal choice for cutting-edge applications. Equipped with an 80 MHz ARM Cortex-M33, LCD controller, rich analog and communication peripherals, and an increased number of GPIOs, the PG28 addresses the complexities of modern embedded systems with ease. Notably, it stands out as the first EFM32 device to feature a hardware AI/ML accelerator, enabling faster inferencing at the edge while maintaining lower power consumption.

Key Features of Silicon Labs EFM32PG28 MCUs

Low Power System-on-Chip:

  • High-performance 32-bit 80 MHz ARM Cortex-M33 with DSP instruction and floating-point unit for efficient signal processing
  • Up to 1024 kB flash program memory
  • Up to 256 kB RAM data memory

Low Energy Consumption:

  • 26 μA/MHz in Active Mode (EM0) at 80 MHz
  • 2.6 μA EM2 DeepSleep current (256 kB RAM retention and RTC running from LFXO)
  • 1.1 μA EM2 DeepSleep current (16 kB RAM retention and RTC running from LFXO)

Secure Vault™:

  • Hardware Cryptographic Acceleration for various encryption algorithms
  • True Random Number Generator (TRNG)
  • ARM TrustZone®
  • Secure Boot (Root of Trust Secure Loader)
  • Secure Debug Unlock
  • DPA Countermeasures
  • Secure Key Management with PUF
  • Anti-Tamper
  • Secure Attestation

Wide Selection of MCU Peripherals:

  • Analog to Digital Converter (IADC) with flexible performance
  • Analog Comparator (ACMP)
  • Digital to Analog Converter (VDAC)
  • Low-Energy Sensor Interface (LESENSE)
  • Generous General Purpose I/O pins
  • DMA Controller and Peripheral Reflex System (PRS)
  • Timer/Counter and Real-Time Counter options
  • Low Energy Timer for waveform generation
  • Enhanced communication options with UART, SPI, SmartCard, IrDA, I2S, and more

Additionally, the IADC High-Speed and High-Accuracy modes, available on select part numbers, enhance the overall versatility of the EFM32PG28 family.

The EFM32PG28 microcontrollers not only promise high-performance capabilities but also prioritize energy efficiency, making them an optimal choice for embedded IoT applications. Stay at the forefront of innovation with the EFM32PG28 series, ushering in a new era of low power and high-performance solutions for the Internet of Things.

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Published at: 07-02-2024