Perfect Micro-Inverter Test Solution

Perfect Micro-Inverter Test Solution

Solar Array Simulator for Micro-Inverter Testing

As a follow-up to their success in the String-Inverter test market, ITECH launches the IT-N2100 series of Solar Array Simulators perfectly tailored towards the growing demand for Micro-Inverter testing.
While String-Inverters typically handle Kilowatts to tens or even hundreds of Kilowatts the Micro- Inverters play in the 100’s of Watts range.


The growth of the Micro-Inverter market is driven by various factors, including the facilitation of module-level monitoring, simplified installation processes, improved design flexibility, elimination of the need for DC switching points, and enhanced safety compared to traditional String-Inverters.

Testing Micro-Inverters

The testing setup for Micro-Inverters is comparable to that of String-Inverters, but with a Solar Array Simulator that operates at lower voltages and power while simulating MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) at a faster speed. There is often a desire to parallel multiple channels in order to increase test throughput, which necessitates cost optimization for each channel.
Typical Test Setup:


(Image-Source: ITECH)

In the image above the setup for Micro-Inverters as well as for Power Optimizers is shown.
To test a Micro-Inverter the upper path is used to simulate a PV panel under different conditions for the Inverter. The AC Output of the Inverter is analyzed and fed into the grid through a Grid Simulator or an AC Load. With this setup, all the relevant parameters, most prominently the efficiency, can be tested reliably.
The lower part of the diagram is used to perform the same test for a power optimizer with a traditional string inverter.

Sophisticated Software

The IT-N2100 series has 5 built-in PV modes that can be operated in stand-alone mode from the front panel, utilizing the 4.3” HD Screen. These modes are useful to test the standard test curves (standards listed below) as well as pretty much all conceivable shading and partial shading scenarios including the simulation of day/night cycles.


(Image-Source: ITECH)

With the IT-M2100 device, you also get a license for ITECH’s advanced Solar Array Simulation Software (SAS-1000M) to simulate a virtually unlimited number of panel states and exposure scenarios – including test curves according to EN50530, Sandia, NB/T32004, CGC/GF004, CGC/GF035 regulations.
For production test integration the IT-N2100 can be controlled by SCPI commands via LAN and USB.


A very affordable price combined with high performance, high accuracy and rich features makes the IT-M2100 series a perfect solution for the complete product cycle from R&D and compliance testing to automated high-volume production testing.
At computer controls, we support you in the evaluation, acquisition, and deployment of your test system, including turn-key solutions with custom test software to address your exact use case.

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