Unveiling RF Secrets: A FieldFox Journey Through Spectrum Analysis

Unveiling RF Secrets: A FieldFox Journey Through Spectrum Analysis

Come with us on an exciting journey into the world of spectrum analysis with FieldFox, the handheld spectrum analyzer, in this fascinating 9-part video series. Each episode demonstrates the versatility and power of FieldFox in a variety of applications, from detecting and locating interference issues to demodulating FM radio signals.

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Episode 1
Unraveling EMI in an Anechoic Chamber

Step into the electrifying realm of electromagnetic interference (EMI) as we embark on a thrilling adventure in the first Episode. Join us as we journey into an anechoic chamber, where the impact of EMI measurements comes vividly to life. Experience firsthand the remarkable capabilities of the FieldFox analyzer as we delve into the captivating world of electromagnetic waves, unravelling their profound influence on our daily lives.

Device featured in the video:

Episode 2
Channel Scanning Unleashed with FieldFox

Hold on tight as we dive into the dynamic world of FieldFox's channel scanning mode. Gain insights into channel power measurements and their significance, alongside learning how to overlay power data on GPS using a spectrum analyzer.

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Episode 3
Unveiling Real-Time Spectrum Analysis (RTSA)

Unlock the mysteries of microwave radiation and its impact on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Experience the prowess of Real-Time Spectrum Analysis (RTSA) in capturing small and intermittent signals often overlooked by traditional analysis methods. Learn essential techniques such as adjusting attenuation and pre-amplification for enhanced insights.

The device used in the video is the N9918B FieldFox Handheld Analyzer:

Episode 4
Unmasking Interference Analysis on the Spectrogram

Witness the relentless pursuit of elusive intermittent signals with FieldFox. Delve into its real-time spectrum analysis and interference analysis capabilities, essential for identifying and mitigating connectivity issues in modern wireless systems. Explore the advanced features like spectrogram and waterfall display, making FieldFox an indispensable tool for telecom professionals.

Interference Hunting Software used in the video:

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Episode 5
Decoding Analog Demodulation of FM Signals

Experience the art of demodulation firsthand with FieldFox as we extract information from carrier signals. Explore both amplitude and frequency modulation in action, unveiling the power of demodulation at your fingertips.

Device featured in the video:

Episode 6
The Ultimate Microwave Face-Off

Engage in the ultimate showdown of microwaves as we analyze radiation, signal transmission, and their impact on LTE signals. Witness the challenge of radiation leakage and signal disruption, pushing the boundaries of microwave technology.

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Episode 7
Mastering Spectrum Monitoring with TDoA

Embark on a journey to master spectrum monitoring with FieldFox and Keysight Spectrum Management Software (KSMS). Explore innovative techniques like RF fingerprinting and Time Difference of Arrival (TDoA) technologies, essential for detecting and locating interference issues in the RF spectrum.

Software used in the video: 

Episode 8
Verifying Validating Channel Power and Adjacent Channel Power

Explore the significance of validating channel power and adjacent channel power levels in modern communication systems. Learn how spectrum analyzers automate calculations of total channel power and power spectral density, crucial for identifying signal interference in neighboring channels.

Episode 9
Unveiling Occupied Bandwidth and Spectrum Emission Masking

Dive into the significance of occupied bandwidth measurements and spectral emissions masking (SEM) in network verification testing. Learn to ensure transmitter compliance by identifying excess in-band and out-of-band emissions, detecting distortion, and identifying failing frequency components.

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