SOLIDWORKS 2024: New Horizons in Design and Simulation

SOLIDWORKS 2024: New Horizons in Design and Simulation


Dassault Systèmes, a leading CAD software provider, has unveiled the latest iteration of its advanced tool - SOLIDWORKS 2024. This newest version of the comprehensive solution introduces a range of innovative features and enhancements that will revolutionize the way engineers approach product design and analysis

Modeling: Precision and Efficiency

In the realm of modeling, SOLIDWORKS 2024 offers several new features, noteworthy among them:

  1. Automatic Formula Repair: This new feature automatically fixes formulas that may be damaged due to changes in the model. This tool proves particularly useful for intricate project structures.
  2. Faster Sketching Tools: Now, while creating sketches, you can instantly preview dimensions in real-time, significantly expediting and simplifying the design process.
  3. Hole Positioning Options: Flexibility in hole positioning when inserting components in an assembly, allowing you to choose between "fix" and "float" for the first component.

Simulations: Solid Foundations for Secure Designing

In the Simulation domain, SOLIDWORKS 2024 introduces features that enable even more advanced and accurate product analyses:

  1. Component References Table: The new table enables quick addition of references to components, greatly facilitating the creation of drawing views and Bill of Materials (BOM) entries.
  2. Configuration Description Visibility: Configuration descriptions are now visible alongside component names when inserting them into an assembly. This makes it easier to select the correct configuration, minimizing the risk of errors.
  3. Width Mate Intelligence: An additional tool allowing the selection of surfaces in any order to add width mates. SOLIDWORKS will automatically calculate the correct order for the components.

Collaboration: New Standards for Efficient Teamwork

In the collaboration domain, SOLIDWORKS 2024 provides tools that streamline collaborative work on projects:

  1. Share & Markup: The new cloud feature in SOLIDWORKS enables easy project sharing, allowing for annotations and comments directly in the SOLIDWORKS interface.
  2. Save As Previous Version: Active subscribers can now save files in previous versions up to two years old, facilitating collaboration with users on different SOLIDWORKS versions.
  3. STEP File Filters: Preview and select which bodies and components to import when importing a STEP file, streamlining work with large STEP files.

SOLIDWORKS 2024: An Ever-Evolving Process

It's worth noting that SOLIDWORKS is a continuously evolving tool, with each new release bringing additional features and improvements. Dassault Systèmes is committed to the continuous enhancement of its product, providing users with new capabilities that increase productivity and precision in the design process. These are just a few of the many innovations in SOLIDWORKS 2024 that will significantly enhance the design and analysis process. Whether you're an engineer, designer, or project manager, SOLIDWORKS 2024 offers tools that boost productivity, precision, and team efficiency. Download the latest version today and discover how these innovations can revolutionize your projects.

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