e-peas provides industry leading energy harvesting and processing solutions – Ambient Energy Managers (AEMs) & Microcontrollers (MCUs) – to give infinite battery life to wireless device by increasing the amount of harvested energy and by drastically reducing the energy consumption of all power consuming blocks of the system. AEMs will harvest energy for your device depending on the environment they operate in, and Ultra-low-power Microcontrollers will optimize that energy for better performance.

Why to go energy autonomous?

There are more and more electronic devices per capita which makes it difficult to charge them timely. Most of those devices are powered by non-rechargeable batteries that must be replaced. Consumers and industries don't want to run out of batteries and pollute environment. In fact, users crave for everlasting devices which remove the headache of battery replacement.

Solutions to empower your devices

e-peas revolutionizes the loT industry by offering the best performing ambient energy harvesting, processing and sensing solutions that make the batteries of your wireless devices live forever

Harvest more with AEMs
Remove battery replacement headaches by harvesting energy from ambient sources with AEMs

Consume less with Microcontrollers
Deliver extremely low-energy consumption data acquisition and data processing with MCUs

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