SECO is a tech company building solutions and technologies to enable a new generation of digital devices. From Edge Computing, to IoT, to AI, their comprehensive and modular offering suits the needs of customers who are looking for a partner to maximize the potential of products and fully leverage new technological opportunities.

Founded in 1979, SECO, which employs more than 300 people with revenues of more than €54 million, designs and produces in-house embedded systems and IoT solutions: from the single microcomputer to integrated and “ready-to-use” systems. SECO operates on a global scale thanks to its offices in Italy, Germany, the U.S., India and Taiwan and to its own distribution network.

IoT Solutions

SECO provides standard, ready-to-use platforms and infrastructures to enable fleet and device management, field data analysis and optimization, which can be integrated with any hardware. The IoT platform Clea is the central hub out of which they shape offerings.

Edge Computing

SECO builds a wide range of edge computing products, from modules to complete solutions, such as System-on-Modules, Single Board Computers, touch displays, Fanless Embedded PCs, or a custom solution.

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